What is Motherfields?

Motherfields began when Kathryn Bereman-Skelly, a licensed mental health therapist, combined her knowledge as a mother and a maternal mental health professional to create as a series of support groups for pregnant women and new mothers.

Motherfields offers a place for mothers to connect, learn, and work in a calm and professional environment, while their children are taken care of in the next room.

Motherfields’ programs give new parents community, professional resources, childcare, and a variety of other support systems.

We also work with employers to create policy, assist with creating environments conducive to working parents, and other consultative offerings to help accommodate and retain working parents.

We value diversity and all types of parenting styles.  Please contact us for more information about any of our programs.


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Coworking is a means for those who work from home to come together and work under the same roof. The benefits of coworking are many, including ending the isolation and concentration difficulties of working at home, being around the energy and creativity of like-minded people, and having access to reliable internet and office utilities.

"Because when Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"