A New Home


As most of  you know, we are searching for a new and improved home. 

We’ve been looking at and testing a few new locations, but haven’t yet found the right combination of space, privacy, cost, and location with parking.  We would love to hear your feedback about a new space.

Features will include:

– Dedicated co-working desks
– Floating workstations
– Supervised babysitting area
– Fresh, hot, locally-sourced coffee
– Laundry wash-and-fold service available while you work
– Lightning-fast wifi
– Printing, faxing, and office supplies
– Sewing machine and craft area
– New, clean, bright space
– Runners available to meet you at your car to help tote items
– Plenty of quiet, friendly, free parking in the neighborhood
– Close to many places to eat, including Rose City Food Carts, The Laurelwood Pub, and Hogan’s Goat Pizza

















KathrynA New Home

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