KGW Channel 8 in Portland Visits Motherfields

  It was very exciting to host Cathy Marshall, a producer at KGW TV here in Portland, at the Motherfields space today. Cathy is a mother of four children herself, and she is really kind and thoughtful. It was fun to show her what we created. The babies liked the camera too — I think we have some budding stars around here. Here …

KathrynKGW Channel 8 in Portland Visits Motherfields

Motherfields, the Inspiration Behind the Place


Parenting a young child is still very challenging in America, in spite of advancements in medicine, technology, and more material goods than ever. Because so much of the responsibility of parenting still falls to the mother, it is mothers who feel this challenge the most, and mothers who need more, and better, support. Many mothers, regardless of socioeconomic status, lack …

KathrynMotherfields, the Inspiration Behind the Place

A New Home


As most of  you know, we are searching for a new and improved home.  We’ve been looking at and testing a few new locations, but haven’t yet found the right combination of space, privacy, cost, and location with parking.  We would love to hear your feedback about a new space. Features will include: – Dedicated co-working desks – Floating workstations …

KathrynA New Home

Dr. Sears Visits Motherfields


Dr. Bob Sears visited us this past fall, with a full two hour presentation and Q&A session about the controversial topic of childhood vaccinations. We were very excited that our group members and other attendees from around Oregon and Washington had a chance to spend some quality time with this national figure.  

KathrynDr. Sears Visits Motherfields

Welcome to Motherfields!


Welcome.  Here you’ll find general information about the Motherfields community, how to join, and some of the many benefits of membership. We are excited to announce that our coworking and group space will open its doors very soon.  A mama-friendly shared work and craft space, wifi, comfortable couches, a supervised baby area, and great coffee all will allow you to …

KathrynWelcome to Motherfields!