What is a Motherfields Group?

Joining a group is a fun, relaxed, and often sanity-saving way to connect with others — whether during pregnancy, when your baby is an infant, or beyond.  Motherfields groups are warm, friendly, welcoming to all mothers, and the number of members at each meeting is limited, so that everyone has a chance to participate (although you may choose to just listen, too).  Each group meets weekly. Each group also includes a private online forum so members may connect between meetings.  When getting to a meeting is challenging, we offer Skype and teleconferencing options so that you may still participate.



The Motherfields Pregnancy Program

Our pregnancy support groups meet every week in a comfortable setting. Each group is facilitated by a professional counselor or nurse who can help answer questions, provide reassurance, and direct you to local resources if needed. The pregnancy support group is meant to be a part of your overall obstetrical care.

The Motherfields Pregnancy Program encompasses three area of your health: social, educational, and physical.

Social: Not only will you meet other pregnant women and make connections, you will have a forum to ask anything on your mind. Many women find it comforting to be able to discuss the ups and downs of pregnancy with others who are experiencing the same thing. Meeting others each week fosters friendships that often bloom outside of group time.

Educational: Understanding your health during pregnancy can help you feel more confident in your body as it changes. Especially during your first pregnancy, much information is new, and clinical recommendations change frequently. Here you will receive the most current information about dos and don’ts, as well as be able to discuss the wisdom of the past.

Taking control of your health data:  During the meeting, you will also have the opportunity to take your own vital signs (if you choose to) which will give you a record you may share with your doctor or midwife. These include blood pressure, belly circumference, and urine concentration. Understanding the reasons behind gathering this information helps demystify the pregnancy healthcare experience for many women.

Motherfields New Mom Groups

New mothers face a steep learning curve when experiencing life with an infant. Talking to other mothers can be a helpful break from trying to figure out everything on your own. Our new mothers groups also include an online forum for community discussion.

How does Motherfields differ from free moms groups?

At its heart, Motherfields is a supportive organization. We exist to support mothers in their many roles.  Many of our members find lasting, lifelong friendships. There is no monetary value we can place on that.

Motherfields differs from other moms groups in that each of our group meetings is a small gathering of women in the uniquely outfitted Motherfields space, hosted by a trained facilitator/fellow mother.  There is no need to navigate crowded centers or expose your baby to hospital offices. Your comfort is of the utmost importance, and you won’t ever sit in a folding chair under fluorescent lights. Most Motherfields members choose to actively participate in the discussion and learn from each other, much like a college discussion group.

We also invite speakers to our meetings from time to time.  Previous topics have included:

  • sleep coaching
  • parenting a fussy baby
  • acupuncture during pregnancy and postpartum
  • pregnancy massage
  • diet and nutrition for pregnancy
  • working mothers
  • Ask the Midwife
  • fitness for new moms
  • mom’s mental health needs
  • local foods and sustainable living


In many cases, your health insurance may be used for payment.