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The Motherfields Pregnancy Program

The Motherfields Pregnancy program is a prenatal educational and process group that meets each week in a comfortable, social setting. Each group is facilitated by a professional counselor who can help answer questions and provide reassurance throughout your pregnancy. The group is meant to be a part of your overall prenatal care.

The Motherfields Pregnancy Program is composed of three areas of your health: social, mental, and physical.

Social: Not only will you meet other pregnant women and make connections in your area, you will have a forum to ask anything on your mind. Many women find it reassuring to be able to discuss the ups and downs of pregnancy with others who are experiencing the same thing.

Mental: Stress affects every area of your life, and can be prevalent during pregnancy. In the group you will learn stress-reduction techniques and ways of calming your environment. These tools will help you even after baby is born as you begin your parenting journey.

Physical: Understanding your health during pregnancy can help you feel more confident in your body as it changes. Especially during your first pregnancy, much information is new, and clinical recommendations change frequently. In the group you will receive the most current pregnancy information about dos and don’ts, as well as consider and discuss the wisdom of the past.  You will also have the opportunity to take your own vital signs which will give you a record you may share with your doctor or midwife.  Understanding the reasons behind gathering this information helps demystify the pregnancy healthcare experience for many women.


All groups are covered by health insurance. If you would like to pay out-of-pocket, the monthly rate for unlimited group meetings is $120.00.


We also invite speakers to our meetings from time to time.  Previous topics have included:

  • ask the midwife anything!
  • parenting basics
  • acupuncture for pregnancy and postpartum
  • pregnancy massage
  • diet and nutrition for pregnancy
  • working mothers
  • placenta encapsulation
  • breastfeeding 101
  • mindfulness and parenting
  • cooking with local foods


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