What is a Motherfields Group?

Joining a group is a wonderful, and often sanity-saving way to connect with others — whether its during pregnancy, when your baby is an infant, and beyond.  Motherfields groups are warm, friendly, welcoming to all mothers, and the number of members at each meeting is limited, so that everyone has a chance to participate (although you may choose to just listen, too).   Each group meets weekly in the comfortable Motherfields group space. Each group also includes a private online forum so members may connect between meetings.  When getting to a meeting is challenging, we offer Skype and teleconferencing options so that you may still participate.

Moms are welcome to bring lap babies to any meeting.

Benefits of membership

Becoming a Motherfields member gives you a means of truly connecting with others.  In addition to social connections, the group helps you become more confident as a parent, keeps you involved in the community, and supported in all of your roles. In the challenging days of parenting, contact with a friend or group of friends can make the difference between having a not-so-good day and an easier one.

Members may attend up to eight in-person meetings or classes per month, as well as attend all of our seasonal and special events. We offer a confidential online community for discussions when groups are not in session.

And don’t forget the coffee …

We’ve carefully researched coffee, and serve only high quality, excellent-tasting regular and decaf coffee and tea during all of our meetings. We also welcome your input about coffee, and we host coffee-tasting events that will let you choose the new and seasonal coffees available to Motherfields members.  If you really enjoy what you’re tasting, you may purchase bags of beans to brew and enjoy at home.

Why pay for a membership when there are so many free moms groups?

At its heart, Motherfields is a supportive organization. We exist to support mothers in their many roles.  Many of our members find lasting, lifelong friendships. There is no monetary value we can place on that.

Motherfields differs from other moms groups in that each of our group meetings is a small gathering of women in the uniquely outfitted Motherfields space, hosted by a trained facilitator/fellow mother.  There is no need to navigate crowded coffee shops or expose your baby to hospital floors. Your comfort is of the utmost importance, and you won’t ever sit in a folding chair under fluorescent lights. Most Motherfields members choose to actively participate in the discussion and learn from each other, much like a college discussion group.

We also invite speakers to our meetings from time to time.  Previous topics have included:

  • sleep coaching
  • parenting a fussy baby
  • acupuncture during pregnancy and postpartum
  • pregnancy massage
  • diet and nutrition for pregnancy
  • working mothers
  • Ask the Midwife
  • fitness for new moms
  • mom’s mental health needs
  • local foods and sustainable living

We also hosted Dr. Bob Sears at Lewis & Clark College where he discussed and took questions about childhood vaccinations.

Ways to pay for membership

Motherfields memberships make great shower gifts or sister gifts before the baby is born, or any time afterwards.  Partners, grandparents and friends of the expectant mother can be assured that the new mother will have supportive resources available to her during her postpartum year. Motherfields is able connect her with a variety of excellent local resources for health care, such as doulas, lactation consultants, counselors, and other providers should she need them.

In some cases, health insurance will pay for your membership.  Be sure to check the box “health insurance request” on your inquiry form.

We also have a limited number of scholarships available for students and those experiencing temporary financial difficulties. Please inquire with your membership submission.


  • All Groups : $10.00 per meeting
  • 6-month Membership (unlimited meetings): $200
  • 12-month Membership (unlimited meetings): $380

First meeting is complimentary.

Current Groups

  • Motherfields Pregnancy Group
  • Motherfields Moms with Infants
  • Motherfields Moms 2011
  • Motherfields Moms 2012
  • Motherhood and Feminism

Groups Coming in January 2013

  • Motherfields Education Series: Parenting with Love and Logic
  • Motherfields  Self Employed Mamas
  • Motherfields book discussion group
  • Motherfields, International Mamas
  • Motherfields Single Moms support
  • Motherfields, Moms of large families
  • Motherfields: Cooking and wine tasting